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Kittiwake Developments Ltd was acquired by Parker Hannifin in July 2012. Parker Hannifin are the global leader in motion and control technologies.              

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Early Stage Fault Detection & Reliability Through Condition Monitoring of Plant and Equipment.

Parker Kittiwake specialise in On-Line and On-Site solutions for condition monitoring of production critical plant and machinery. Our sensors and equipment facilitate rapid, informed decision making, helping you keep your machinery running. At Parker Kittiwake, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the right blend of technology, expertise and information, enabling you to manage risk, reduce downtime, optimise efficiencies and maximise profit.

Techniques available to plant maintenance personnel in the cause of improving reliability and availability or otherwise minimising downtime include monitoring: 

  • fluids & gases - In-service Oil Analysis, CEMS, Wear Metals, Gas Leakage
  • machine - Visual Inspection, Vibration and Acoustic Emissions, Thermgraphy
All methodologies have a valid role to play though some provide earlier warning than others, often within the same cost structure. Parker Kittiwake condition monitoring solutions target the very earliest stages of fault detection. Equipment for use On-Line or On-Site, in remote and often demanding environments.  Giving you reliable & timley results on the condition of your critical plant and equipment when it counts.  
Parker Kittiwake operate a group structure with product specialisation around in-service oils and fuels, emissions monitoring, vibration and Acoustic Emissions (AE).  Specialist advice and support is available from both the production centres and regional sales offices OR why not have a look at the Information Centre for a practical guide on tools for Condition Monitoring systems and Predictive or Proactive Maintenance methodologies. We have included practical examples throughout.
  • 20 years developing On-Line and On-Site solutions.
  • >1000 industrial, military and marine customers.
  • >500 specific product lines.
  • 3 manufacturing sites and sales offices on 4 continents.
“The goal is early fault detection before failure is inevitable, managing by surprise is not acceptable. Parker Kittiwake technology fits classically in to this requirement be it Oil Analysis, Magnetometry, Ferrography, Vibration & Acoustic Emissions, Gas Emissions Monitoring, Marine Water Analysis, Sampling programme logistics and more"