• Identify & replace worn parts before serious damage occurs

  • Index Direct PQ ferrous debris readings in an On-Site instrument. comparable

  • Sensitive to Ferrous debris in lubes and greases, can accept a variety of sample bottle sizes.
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ANALEX pqF Metal Particle Debris Analysis Monitor

ANALEX pqFProduct Code: FG-K16000-KW

The ANALEX pqF Metal Particle Debris Analysis Monitor detects metal particles in the oil or grease samples taken from lubricated machinery. Uniquely it reports in PQ Index in an identical manner to more sophisticated laboratory based instruments (such as the ANALEX pqL) used in many laboratories world-wide (e.g. reported by Caterpillar S.O.S. Used Oil Analysis programme). An adaption of ANALEX PQ technology, the pqF is ruggedised for field applications. This unit is ideal for testing and analysing oil samples on-site or in remote locations where full laboratory analysis is not possible. Features include: 

  • Suitable for testing On-Site in remote locations.
  • All data stored is stored in the internal memory for later analysis and download.
  • Direct reading in PQ Index, automatic calibration between measurements. 

Analex Ferrous Wear Debris Monitors are constructed using sophisticated magnetometers using ANALEX PQ technology adapted for field applications. A full sample bottle is inverted and placed directly on the sensor. The reading is filtered and displayed as a PQ Index. Samples may be presented for lubricating oil analysis in a variety of media and automatic recalibration is performed between each sample measurement. Data from each test is stored in the internal memory, which may then be transferred to a database on a host PC via an RS232 interface.  (see also the ExxonMobil Mobilguard Scrapedown Analyser derived from this design.)


Display Resolution:5 PQ
Lid Open & Sample Detection:Opto Reflective Sector
Measurement Range:0 - 2000 PQ
Operating Temp. Range:15°C - 35°C (60°F - 100°F)
Power:110 to 250 VAC Autoselected 50/60 Hz
Repeatability:Typically ± 15 PQ or ± 3% of average reading (whichever is greater)
Sample Bottle:Standard 100 ml bottles or 5 ml pots, variety of different adaters avalable.
Test Time:< 5 minutes to stabilize from power on, <15 seconds per sample
Weight:1.4 kg

Ordering Information

Part Number Description

Spares & Consumables

Part Number Description
FG-K16063-KWAdapter for non-standard 43 mm bottles
FG-K16064-KWAdapter for millipore filters
FG-K16065-KWAdapter for RPD slides
FG-K16075-KWAdapter for 35 ml STS bottles (31 mm diameter)
FG-K15004-KWx100 5 ml plastic pots with lids
FG-K15005-KWx3000 5 ml plastic pots with lids
FG-K25043-KWx3000 5 ml plastic pots (lipped bases only)
FG-K3-207-KWx288 100 ml pvc sample bottles

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