• Accurate correlation to ASTM and ISO standard test methods.

  • Rugged and well proven designs, typical <2 minute test times and no hazardous test chemicals.

  • The high end in oil and wear debris test equipment suitable for On-Site applications.

Oil Analysis Equipment Solutions

"While it is true that some failure mechanisms, such as misalignment, are better detected using vibration, most experts - including those that specialize in vibration analysis - recognize that oil analysis will generally detect active machine wear before vibration analysis....  In truth, the combination of oil analysis for early detection coupled with the advanced diagnostic capabilities of vibration analysis make the benefits of these two techniques far greater when treated as teammates rather than opponents."  Mark Barnes, "Oil analysis: 5 things you didn't know". Reliable Plant Magazine. 3/2008

FTIR infra-red analyserFTIR3 IR Field Analyser
An IR based in-service oil analyser with proven correlation to ASTM* test procedures (D-7418).  Unique development resulting from an 8 year transatlantic collaboration between industry and academia. Automated sampling and analysis, machine tagging, alarm functions, test history and results for a comprehensive set of In-service oil parameters including, Water, Oxidation, Sulphation, Nitration, Phosphate, EP additive depletion and Glycol.

If you operate a large remote facility with multiple, high value lubricated assets then this option deserves serious consideration. Can be used with the Parker Kittiwake Heated Viscometer and ANALEX fdMplus for additional viscosity and wear debris data. A rugged, automated, full function IR based analysis lab On-Site.

Please contact us for more information about Parker Kittiwake's FTIR3,  (* ASTM - American Society for Testing & Materials)

Oil Test CentreOil Test Centre (OTC) - Your on-site, Oil Test Lab
The OTC is a rugged, self contained Oil Test Lab for key oil quality parameters covering Viscosity, Water, BN (formerly TBN), AN (formerly TAN) and Insolubles. Initially developed for military use*, the OTC is a popular choice for remote facilities needing accurate analysis results but with no practical recourse to traditional laboratory facilities. Two minute test time and near laboratory accuracy. Capabilities of the OTC are often extended by combination with the ANALEX fdMplus or pqF for supporting ferrous wear monitoring.  

 Click here for more information about Parker Kittiwake's Oil Test Centre. (*Used by LantFleet, PacFlet, MSC, UK MoD, RAN, RCN, Navies of France, Italy, Spain & Australia.)

Fuel & Lube Test CabinetFuel & Lube Test Cabinet
A 15 year history in the deep sea marine market monitoring both in-service lubricants and bunker fuel deliveries. A single cabinet containing tests selected with an accuracy appropriate to the application. Simple to use, rugged test equipment and none hazardous consumables.   

  • Electronic Lab tests for Viscosity, Density and Fuel Compatibility
  • DIGI tests for Water, BN
  • ECON tests for Salt, Insolubles & Pour Point

Click here for more information about Parker Kittiwake's Fuel & Lube Test Cabinet (See also Kittiwake marine fuel sampling equipment).

Power Plant CabinetPower Plant Cabinet
Many diesel powerplant operate in very remote locations; laboratory facilities are typically unavailable resulting in a need for accurate On-Site alternatives. The Power Plant Cabinet differs from the Fuel & Lube offer in that it has fully electronic oil analysis kit for Water, BN and Insolubles. Targeted at users of multiple large medium speed diesel engine powerplant for in-service lubricants and bunker fuel deliveries. Simple to use, rugged test equipment and non-hazardous consumables.   

  • Electronic oil test lab for Viscosity, Density and Fuel Compatibility, Water, BN and Insolubles.
  • ECON tests for Salt, Insolubles & Pour Point.

Click here for more information about Parker Kittiwake's Fuel & Lube Test Cabinet (see also ANALEX fdMplus for additional capabilities).

Heated Viscometer

A novel and patented viscometer designed for On-Site use.  Measures viscosity of in-service lubes unheated but corrected to 40 °C, lubes and fuels heated to 40 °C or 50 °C and also reported at 100 °C. Also calculates fuel CCAI* with input of density. Simple to use and clean, it can be supplied stand alone or integrated with other test products in Fuel & Lube Oil or Power Plant cabinets. 

Click here for more information about Parker Kittiwake's Viscometer (see also Parker Kittiwake Density Meter). *CCAI - Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index

ANALEX fdMplusANALEX fdMplus
Developed in co-operation with Shell Marine Lubes, the fdMplus implements a skill set in sensitive magnetometry, in a design suitable for On-Site applications.  Sensitive to very low ferrous contaminations levels (<1 micron) and reports directly in ppm for comparison with laboratory test results. Suitable for use on 50 ml or 5 ml oil and pre-prepared grease samples. Test time typically <10 seconds per sample.

Click here for more information about the ANALEX fdMplus (see also ANALEX rpd for preparation of ferrographic slides).

Ferrous Wear MeterFerrous Wear Meter
New - The Ferrous Wear Meter(FWM) brings PPM wear metal analysis capability to On-Site oil analysis in a simpler format than offered by the fDMplus. Simply, with no tedious sample preperation, it detects iron contamination and reports directly in industry standard PPM values. Provided with reference check samples. it is suitable for both industrial applications and also for use on marine two stroke scavenge oil samples for feed rate optimisation programmes and monitoring of cylinder conditions under fuel switching applications. Typical test time < 2 seconds per sample.

Click here for more information about the FWM.

The ANALEX pqL is the latest development in the widely accepted ANALEX pq laboratory instrument range.  Enhancements include greatly improved reproducibility at low pq levels (<25 PQ), reduced footprint, much faster (0.5X) cycle time and better auto-calibration. Accepts in-service oil and pre-prepared grease samples. Reports results in PQ Index and is suitable for connection to laboratory LIMS systems and remote operation. 

Click here for more information about the ANALEX pqL.


Used to prepare cleaned, graded ferrographic samples for subsequent microscopic examination.  Both the ANALEX fdMplus, pqF and pqL will easily identify in-service oil samples with high iron levels. Further examination of the particle size and shape can indicate the form and progress of machine wear e.g. cutting, sliding, fatigue etc.  The ANALEX rpd in particular compliments the ANALEX pqL with rapid preparation of ferrographic slides from an initial dirty sample of used lubricating oil or grease.   

Click here for more information about the ANALEX rpd (see also the new ANALEX pqL).

icountBSplusParker icountBSplus

Parker Filtration's CE compliant icountBSplus is a unique and complete solution providing customers with laboratory fluid bottle sampling using proven on-board, laser based technology. The icountBSplus is a next generation product from Parker's fluid particle analysis and monitoring programme and provides an effective alternative to external laboratory services.

Click here for more information about the Parker icountBSplus.

 icount Oil samplerParker icount Oil Sampler (IOS)

The icountOS (IOS) is an innovative solution to the challenge of measuring the qualit of hydraulic oils and hydrocarbon fuels in many different applications: from renewable energy, marine and offshore, to manufacturing, mobile, agriculture, military and aerospace. Compact, lightweight and robust, the truly portable IOS makes field analysis simple, quick and easy.

Click here for more information about the Parker icount Oil Sampler.

Oilcheck Oil Condition MonitorParker Oilcheck Oil Condition Monitor

Parker's Oilcheck is completely portable and battery powered with a numerical display that indicates positive or negative increase in dielectrics. Oilcheck gives an early warning of impending engine failure and the simplistic hand-held design makes it easy to use.

Click here for more information about the Parker Oilcheck.

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