• Easily used by ships maintenance staff right out of the box

  • Instant indication of condition for motor bearings, gears, compressors, slewing rings, hoists, winches...

  • Plan maintenance and have the spares available on time. Minimise off-hire and demurrage.
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DIGI Water in Oil Test / Analysis Kits helps Maintain & Protect your Equipment

Product Code: FG-K1-001-KW / FG-K1-101-KW 

Maintain and protect your equipment, whilst eliminating damage caused by water in your oil. 

With an easy to read digital display providing instructions and water in oil test / analysis results, a five year (10,000 tests) battery life and built in memory for recording previous test results, the Kittiwake DIGI Water in Oil Test / Analysis Kits have become a favoured test method worldwide for on-site and onboard testing. Using this cell the DIGI Water in Oil Test Kit provides state of the art, digital analysis and gives fast, accurate results for easy monitoring of trends. 

  • Prevent corrosion, cavitation or failure of your machinery by detecting water in oil, before any damage occurs
  • Minimise instability of additive packages and damaging microbe growth by monitoring your oil
  • Fully portable for use onboard or in the field, test cells are extremely robust, durable and easy to use

Replacement reagent pack ordering information:
FG-K2-001-KW - Water In Oil Reagent Pack (Reagent B - Calcium Hydride)
FG-K2-101-KW -  EasySHIP Water In Oil Reagent Pack (EasySHIP Reagent)


Part NumberDescription
FG-K1-001-KWDIGI Water in Oil Kit
FG-K1-101-KWEasySHIP DIGI Water in Oil Kit
FG-K17032-KWDIGI Water in Oil Kit (Low Range)


Range:0.02-1%, 200-10000 ppm, 0-10%, 0-20%
Range (LR)0.02-1%, 100-3000ppm, 0-10%
Test Time:2 Minutes
Memory:Previous test, plus five oils
Battery Life:Five years (10,000 tests)