• On-Line - sensors providing 24/7 monitoring capabilities for production critical high value assets.

  • On-Site - test equipment giving laboratory accuracy but suitable for use in remote locations.

  • Off-Site - Sampling systems, Used Oil Analysis programmes and world-wide logistics.

Used Oil Sampling & Analysis

  • Sensors for 24/7 monitoring of key indicators. Use these sensors for high value, production critical assets where failure is either unpredictable or disruptive. A typical use would be Top Drives in the Oil & Gas exploration.
  • Used Oil Analysis Kits for more comprehensive coverage and suitable for use by maintenance personnel. Indicative results on oil condition for trending a wide range of assets. A typical use would be for main and auxiliary marine engines. 
  • Used Oil Analysis Labs for lab accuracy & direct comparison with, or replacement for, Used Oil Analysis laboratories. For use in remote plants as a dedicated and centralised asset protection. A typical use would be remote mine sites.

Kittiwake on-line sensors

On-Line Sensors
A range of innovative and practical, sensitive and robust On-Line sensors for wear metal debris, oil condition, moisture, water and other fluid properties. 24/7 monitoring, remote logging and automatic alarm functions on a limited set of critical parameters. (See also recently launched SCAN and data reporting systems.)

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Kittiwake DIGI cellOn-Site Used Oil Analysis Kits 
Economic entry level option for your in-service oil CM needs. A comprehensive range of On-Site Used Oil Analysis tests for single test parameters or combined into oil test kits. Monitor a wide set of critical parameters at the point of use. Excellent for remote locations with limited laboratory access or where timely results are required.  

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ANALEX pqLOn-Site Used Oil Analysis Labs 
Comprehensive, ruggedised equipment providing laboratory accuracy for in-service lube condition and wear metals. A range of On-Site, Used Oil Analysis equipment for larger plant with critical equipment or multiple point analysis requirements.  Often used for rapid investigation where On-Line sensors have provided an early indication of potential problems. 

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Lubricant SamplingSampling 
Good oil analysis test results predispose having a representative sample. A complete range of lubricating oil sampling equipment and consumables for field and laboratory use.  Additionally, we also provide sampling systems and logistics for many major Used Oil Analysis programmes. 

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Cold Corrosion Test KitCold Corrosion Test Kit

Quick, simple to use test for measuring cold corrosion levels in used scrapedown oil. Understand the conditions in your cylinder space fully by combining this test with magnatometry solutions from Parker Kittiwake to get a breakdown of both Magnetic and non-Magnetic wear.

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Information CentreInfo Centre
The Information Centre is a comprehensive Condition Monitoring resource providing detailed technical information and practical guidance.  Of particular relevance is guidance around bunkering practices and test procedures ensuring what you receive is what you ordered.

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Used Oil Analysis

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