• Easily used by ships maintenance staff right out of the box

  • Instant indication of condition for motor bearings, gears, compressors, slewing rings, hoists, winches...

  • Plan maintenance and have the spares available on time. Minimise off-hire and demurrage.
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Moisture Sensor

Moisture Content SensorYou probably already know that free and emulsified water causes problems. But, did you know that moisture in oil can increase the oxidation rate of your lubricant by more than ten times? That’s why your oil analysis service includes a water-screening test. Were you aware that bearings could lose 75% of their potential service life due to water before the oil even begins to start to look cloudy? Even in its dissolved state the water is at work, attacking the base stock, the additive package, and the machine. And, water can carry organisms with it that could disable your critical hydraulic systems. 

The Moisture range of online sensors puts your oil analysis laboratory on your doorstep telling you exactly how dry your oil is. Providing % Relative Humidity (RH) and temperature values, you can ensure that your oil is always below the saturation point before free and emulsified water starts to form. The moisture sensor measures the oils percentage Relative Humidity, resulting from the dissolved water within the lubricant, using a combination of proven thin film capacitance sensors, combined with smart algorithms to provide a temperature and % RH value. 

Using internal processing power the self diagnostic sensor does not require handheld units to analyse or display results. It can be easily integrated into your existing Condition Monitoring and operating control systems, and results can be reported using standard displays or any PC. Whether it’s to check on the health of the machine, or an alert of changing moisture ingression rates, the Moisture Sensor from Kittiwake provides instant information, complementing your existing laboratory oil analysis programme, and helping you make informed maintenance planning decisions. 

Features Include:

  • Separate head and moisture sensor body for increased accuracy and reliability
  • High integrity sealing using standard automotive techniques
  • Smart moisture sensor with internal processing power offers wide interface options
  • Stainless steel moisture sensor housing - Rugged and long life performance
  • Available in both ½” BSP or NPT threads - Quick and easy installation to a wide range of machinery

All Parker Kittiwake Sensors have been thoroughly tested for vibration and shock conditions - Click the link to the left to download the certificate


Accuracy Saturation:+/-2 %
Accuracy Temperature:+/-1 °C
Alarm Defaults:Temperature: not configured. Saturation: on at 65% (open), off at 60% (closed)
Analogue Outputs :4 - 20 mA for % Saturation, 4 - 20 mA for temperature of oil, open collector for alarm. These are all galvanically isolated using opto isolators.
Calibration:ISO/IEC 17025, NIST & NPL Traceable
Connection Method:By multicore screened cable
Digital Inputs :RS232
Digital Outputs :RS232 at 9600 baud. CAN Kittiwake Proprietary Protocol & other options on request
Fluid Compatibility:Petroleum and synthetic oils
Material:304 Stainless Steel
Max Oil Pressure:10 bar
Oil Temperature Range:-40 to 100 °C
Power Supply :12 - 30 Vdc < 1 w
Response:Typically 30 seconds
Sealing on enclosure:IP67
Weight:0.3 Kg
Sensor Options
Part NumberDescription
FG-K16946-KWMoisture Sensor Standard Reach - Digital Output
FG-K16947-KWMoisture Sensor Standard Reach - Analogue Output
FG-K16948-KWMoisture Sensor Standard Reach - Evaluation Kit (with display, power supply and case)
FG-K16949-KWMoisture Sensor Long Reach - Digital Output
FG-K16950-KWMoisture Sensor Long Reach - Analogue Output
FG-K16951-KWMoisture Sensor Long Reach Evaluation Pack (with display, power supply and case)
FG-K17201-KWMoisture Sensor Standard Reach - Digital Output - NPT Thread
FG-K17202-KWMoisture Sensor Standard Reach - Analogue Output - NPT Thread
FG-K17206-KWMoisture Sensor Long Reach - Digital Output - NPT Thread
FG-K17207-KWMoisture Sensor Long Reach - Analogue Output - NPT Thread
FG-K17367-KWMoisture Sensor Long Reach Evaluation Pack (with display, power supply and case) - NPT Thread

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