• On-Line - sensors providing 24/7 monitoring capabilities for production critical high value assets.

  • Secure centralised reporting and data trending, remote communication and alarm functions.

  • Capable of upgrade and expansion including Holroyd AE & Vibration and third party sensor systems.

Continuous Monitoring, On-Line Sensors Help to Significantly Reduce Downtime & Informed Planned Maintenance.

Oil Condition Sensor

Oil Condition Sensor Trial GraphOil Condition Sensor
Trend the gradual degradation of oil condition or a step change such as glycol coolant leak or mud drilling fluid ingress.  Sensitive to contamination such as free water, glycol, insolubles, oxidation & nitration.  This is a trending tool giving reassurance that nothing has changed or there has been a major upset triggering a more detailed analysis. 

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Wear Debris SensorMetallic Particle SensorWear Debris Sensor
Probably the most sensitive instrument in its class, detecting >40 micron ferrous particles.  Detect, size and count ferrous and non-ferrous debris particles generated from fatigue, spalling and running wear. Crucial insight in to the wear process at your fingertips. Continuous Monitoring with a proven track record in wind turbine and oil field applications, also available with ATEX approval for use in explosive atmospheres. Parker Kittiwake's wear debris sensors are fully ASTM D7917 -14 compliant to ensure accurate results.

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Ferrous Wear Debris SensorANALEXrs Sensor GraphTotal Ferrous Sensor
Detects total ferrous particle contamination irrespective of particle size with an amazing sensitivity of <1 micron Fe. Excellent for detecting abrasive wear particles where other products are insensitive to such small particle sizes.  Many hundreds of these sensors are in use at sea on scrapedown oil from two stroke marine engines in feed rate optimisation programmes and as a safeguard against scuffing. Approved for use on ExxonMobil cylinder oils and MAN B&W (letter of no objection) marine engines.  (See also LinerSCAN systems that use this sensor design.)

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Moisture SensorMoisture SensorMoisture in oil Sensor
Sensitive to moisture contamination typically below the limit of solubility (reports as % RH). Typically used on hydraulic and other light oil systems, intolerant of moisture contamination above around 1000 ppm. Also suitable for the head spaces of large oil storage tanks to indicate breather desiccant or seal failure that would otherwise lead to eventual water contamination of the enclosed oil volume. 

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Viscosity Sensor

On-line Viscosity Sensor
PRE RELEASE - in Beta Test Currently under field evaluation, the viscosity sensor measures dynamic viscosity On-Line and is unaffected by orientation, pressure (within common ranges) and localised vibrations.  Capable of operation over a large dynamic temperature and viscosity range. Please contact us for more information.

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Sensor SuiteSensor Suite
An assembly of On-Line oil sensors based around a stand alone Total Ferrous Sensor for ultra fine wear particle detection (typically <1-10 micron Fe).  The system is provided complete with integral low volume oil pump and is suitable for low pressure gravity fed systems or retrofit applications where tapping in to the main oil feed line is often difficult.  Various options and application specific configurations are available. 

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WaterSCANWaterSCAN - Total Water in Oil
Permanent, On-Line continuous monitoring of total water contamination in lubricated systems and insolubles contamination in large diesel engine oils.  The newly released WaterSCAN monitors chemically bound, dissolved and free water contamination, reporting in ppm with laboratory accuracy.  Carbon insolubles are also reported for large diesel engine applications. Monitors in real time with remote logging and alarm functions. This is the first On-Line application of IR Technology developed for the Parker Kittiwake FTIR3 laboratory in-service oil analyser.  

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LinerSCANLinerSCAN | New Piston Rings BeddingLinerSCAN
A product unique to Parker Kittiwake, developed in close co-operation with ExxonMobil Marine Lubricants. LinerSCAN monitors the real time iron content in 2 stroke marine engine scavenge oil in a typical range of 0-3000 ppm with good low range sensitivity. Designed for easy installation and with remote date logging, reporting and alarm functions. Cylinder oil feed rate can be optimised for liner life and scuffing detected within seconds, allowing corrective action before wear becomes critical.

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NEW - Another first from Parker Kittiwake. Specifically designed for early stage fault detection on very large azimuthing marine thruster units, removing operational uncertainty. Combining oil quality, moisture and sensitive wear debris detection, ThrusterSCAN provides the earliest warning of impending problems such as seal failure, allowing load profile optimisation and carefully planned outage. Simple at-sea retrofit, supplied with an integral circulating pump, comprehensive communication protocol and remote display capability. Upgradable with Holroyd AE & Vibration sensors.

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From the same family as ThrusterSCAN and LinerSCAN, RIGmonitor combines sensor systems monitoring critical assets such as Top Drives and Mud Pumps. Data trending and remote alarm functionality. Upgradable with Holroyd range of AE & Vibration sensors.   

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SensorSCAN SoftwareInternet Visbility, Remote Data Logging and Wireless Data Links.
Remote DataNEW - Remote Web-based reporting and alert system. Monitor multiple sites and equipment types with the flexibility to incorporate any combination of Parker Kittiwake oil, wear metal or vibration sensor plus additional facility for third party data signals.  Pre-set alarm and SMS/Email alert functions. Wireless data transmission systems with full data functionality for multi-sensor systems and variations certified under ATEX codes for Hazardous area operation. Economical and rapid site implementation. 

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