• Monitor Iron content of in-service oil samples with direct readout in ppm.

  • View wear in grease samples from critical components such as crane slewing rings.

  • Simple to use and operate, readout in <10 seconds and directly comparable with lab results.
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ANALEX fdM plus Ferrous Debris Monitor

Product Code: FG-K17144-KW

The ANALEX fdMplus is a highly accurate yet rugged magnetometer designed to measure the wear metal particle contamination of an oil or grease sample. It can be used to measure un-combined ferrous wear metal particle debris in oil or grease samples taken from a variety of types of machinery and provides a trendable parts per million (PPM) result. The ANALEX fdMplus utilises a novel sample adaptor system to measure metal particles from any of the following sample media; 

  • 50 ml BottleANALEX fdMplus
  • 10 ml Syringe
  • 5 ml Syringe
  • 5 ml Test Tube or Grease ThiefTM
  • 5 ml Grease Pots

Suitable for use across a wide range of industrial & marine applications, the ANALEX fdMplus uses magnetometry to provide you with the ability to successfully monitor your equipment, preventing costly machinery downtime. Contained in a fully portable case, it’s rugged design is ideal for testing and analysing oil samples both in the laboratory or in the field and can be supplied with an optional 12 volt convertor (FG-K27168-KW). Ideal for use in remote locations where full laboratory oil metal particle analysis is not possible. The ANALEX fdMplus comes complete with a touch pad screen, allowing easy entry of data via a full alphanumeric keypad. It features a large backlit graphics display for clear user prompts and easy viewing of metal particle oil analysis results. See table below for extras and consumables.


Detection Range:50 ml Bottle 0 - 2500 ppm
 10 ml Syringe 0 - 19000 ppm
 5 ml Syringe 0 - 34000
 5 ml Tube 0 - 28000 ppm
 5 ml Grease Pot 0 - 8000 ppm
Fluid Compatibility:Lubes & Greases; can also be used as quantification of Fe contamination in QC samples
Sample Size:50 ml Sample Bottles, 10 ml Syringes, 5 ml Syringes & Test Tubes, 5 ml Grease Pots
Test Time:< 1 minute to stabilise from power on < 15 seconds per sample
Operating Temp:15°C - 40°C (60°F - 104°F)
Weight:4.22 kg

Optional Extras & Consumables

Order Code Tests Included
FG-K17725-KWGrease Thief Starter Pack & Calibration Standards
BI-K17726Grease Thief Type 1 Syringe & Cap (pack of 10)
MA-K17121-KWANALEX fdMplus User Manual (Grease Thief)
FG-K15004-KW5 ml Grease Sample Pots with Lids (pack of 100)
FG-K15005-KW5 ml Grease Sample Pots with Lids (pack of 3000)

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