• Convenient, representative & MARPOL ANNEX VI approved bunker samplling

  • Fully compliant & approved solutions, Type Approvals from LR and GL.

  • The IMO MARPOL ANNEX VI regulations are tightening all the time

Bunker Fuel Sampling Solutions

One of the most important aspects of any bunkering operation is ensuring a representative sample. Not only is it imperative to get a trustworthy sample for onboard bunker fuel testing and analysis, but the importance of a suitably drawn and witnessed representative bunker fuel oil sample cannot be over-emphasised. It forms the basis of all discussion, debate or dispute resolution relating to the bunkering.  

  • The IMO Marpol ANNEX VI regulations have been in force since 2005.
  • Any lack of certification or failure to be able to demonstrate due diligence will attract scrutiny from Port State Control.
  • We make this easy by offering fully compliant and approved solutions (GL & LR Approved). 

Bunker Fuel SamplerBunker Samplers
A range of Type approved (GL & LR) bunker samplers from 50 - 300 mm (2" - 14") bunker manifolds. Inserted between the bunker manifold flange and barge hose. Continuous drip sample with tanper evident valve lock options. 

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Bunker Sample Storage CabinetBunker Sample Storage Systems
Keep all bunker sampling equipment, bottles, tamper evident seals and cubitainers, pourers etc. in a single cabinet. Type approved for Marpol Annex VI samples (GL). Sufficient for a fuel analysis service and also the retained Marpol Annex VI bunker sample.  

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Bunker Sample Storage BottlesSample Bottles & Spares
Cubitainers and seals for delivery sampling. Robust sample bottles, tamper evident seals and associated consumables.  Supplied also to major marine fuel analysis services. 

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Bunker Fuel

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