• Automatic flashpoint results in seconds

  • Important safety & quality assurance measure

  • Used to detect contamination from low flashpoint methanol
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Compatibility MeterProduct Code: FG-K1-500-KW

The Compatibility Tester is possibly the most useful and underrated tool available for testing fuel oil compatibility and blends. This kit provides a quick useful tool for engineers faced with the necessity to mix or blend residual fuel oil or wishing to establish the stability of a new bunker delivery. The Compatibility Tester can be purchased as a stand-alone kit, supplied in its own case, or as part of a more extensive suite of testing equipment in the Fuel and Lube Oil Lab, or Power Plant Lab.  It will: 

  • Confirm that the fuel delivery will remain stable in the bunker tanks without excessive asphaltene drop out.
  • Identify possible stability problems before blending two fuels and indicate the effectiveness of stability additives.
  • Help prevent sludge deposits, failure of fuel handling systems and costly combustion related engine damage.


Accuracy:Variation of 1 rating in 20 repeat tests 
Application:Residual Fuel Oils
Dimensions:34 x 38.5 x 17cm
Power:110/240 VAC (autoselected)
Range:As per ASTM D-4740
Test time:20 mins (unattended)

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Part Number Description
FG-K1-500-KWCompatibility Tester

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