• Proven to be as accurate as laboratory methods

  • Available as a stand-alone kit, supplied in it's own case, or as part of suite of testing equipment

  • Confirm quantity of fuel delivered & verify that the correct grade of fuel has been delivered
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Marine Fuel Density meter

Density MeterFuel is delivered from the bunker barge by volume and confirmed by meter or tape soundings. It is paid for by mass with a conversion relying on an accurate density reading. The density meter provides that and more. CCAI, Density in Vacuo, Viscosity conversion. The Density Meter measures more than just diesel & residual bunker fuel density:

  • Confirm the quantity of fuel delivered, correcting volume to density
  • Verify that the correct grade of fuel has been delivered under ISO 8217
  • Estimate the combustion performance (CCAI) and correct viscosity in cP to cSt. 

Most oils can be measured at 50°C with an option at 70°C very viscous fuels. The calculator provides Density in kg/m3 @ 15°C in a vacuo. For a known viscosity it will convert Censtistokes or Centipoise and calculate CCAI*. Purchased as a stand-alone kit supplied in its own case or as part of a more extensive suite of testing equipment in the Fuel and Lube Oil Lab or Power Plant Lab. The Density Meter has been proven to be as accurate as laboratory methods.  

Note: The Diesel and Fuel Density Meter must not be used for heating any liquids other than diesel or residual fuel oils. It is not suitable for use with any fuels with a low flash point temperature (e.g. gasoline). 
* CCAI = Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index



Accuracy:Typically within ± 0.1% (800-1010 kg/m³)
Calculations:Density in kg/m³at 15°C in vacuo, centiPoise to centiStokes, CCAI - Calculatd Carbon Aromaticity Index
Correlation:ASTM D1298 IP160
Dimensions:18 cm x 23 cm x 10 cm
Power:110/240 VAC (autoselected)
Range:800 to 1010 kg/m³ @ 15°C
Temperature:50°C and 70°C
Test Time:Heating from 15°C 10 mins, Repeat test maximum 30 seconds
Weight:2.20 kg
Spare Hydrometers
Part NumberRange, Relative Density
AS-K3-014-KW0.80 - 1.01 @ 15°C
AS-K3-015-KW0.85 - 0.95 @ 15°C
AS-K3-016-KW0.90 - 1.01 @ 15°C

Bunker Fuel

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