• Easily used by ships maintenance staff right out of the box

  • Instant indication of condition for motor bearings, gears, compressors, slewing rings, hoists, winches...

  • Plan maintenance and have the spares available on time. Minimise off-hire and demurrage.
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DIGI Water in Oil

DIGI Water in Oil test

rapid indication of the total free and dissolved water content in an oil sample or water in fuel oil.  Water contamination may cause different problems in different types of lubricating oil, although corrosion is always directly associated with water ingress. Whatever the equipment, water can displace the oil at contacting surfaces, reducing the amount of lubrication and activating surfaces which may themselves act as catalysts for degradation of the oil. Water contamination within lubricating / lube oil storage tanks can lead to microbiological growth, forming yeast, mould and bacteria that will clog filters and very rapidly corrode fuel systems. There are many potential sources of water contamination in lube oil in any system including: 

  • Leakage from oil coolers, charge air coolers and steam heating coils
  • Condensation of atmospheric humidity
  • Blow-by gases from diesel engine combustion spaces or past compressor ring packs
  • Leakage at tank vents (especially those exposed to weather)
  • Coolant jacket leaks through cracks or seals
  • Contamination from top-up oil (especially in systems with a low tolerance to water)

This test has proven its value over many thousands of units shipped world-wide over the last 20 years and is supplied directly or branded from most major lube suppliers. The test cell can be used for both water in oil and BN depending upn the specification ordered.  It is provided with either standard or EasySHIP reagent systems that considerably reduce transportation costs in with their none hazardous rating. Features of the test are:

  • DIGI Electronic test cell with a guaranteed 5 year battery life.
  • Ranges: 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 200-10000ppm (and additional BN if specified).
  • EasySHIP reagent system with comprehensive reagent packs for 50 tests.
  • 2 minute test time (standard reagents), 3 minute for EasySHIP reagents.


Range:0.02-1%, 200-1000 ppm, 0-10%, 0-20%
Range (LR):0.02-1%, 100-3000 ppm, 0-10%
Test Time:3 minutes
Memory:Previous test
Battery Life:Five years (5000 tests)

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
FG-K1-101-KWEasySHIP DIGI Water in Oil Kit
FG-K17032-KWDIGI Water in Oil Kit (Low Range)
FG-K17766-KWEasySHIP Electronic Oil Analysis Kit 0 - 1%
FG-K17767-KWEasySHIP Electronic Oil Analysis Kit 0 - 6000ppm

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