• Bunker fuel sampling accessories

  • Cubitainers & seals for delivery sampling

  • Supplied to major marine fuel analysis services
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Sampler Accessories

Cubitainers FG-K3-201-KW

Drip samplers use disposable 'cubitainers'. These hold the oil sample before mixing and transfer to the sample bottles. They also keep out all external contamination. 

  • Supplied in 5 litre size
  • Packs of 24, with numbered, tamper-evident caps, pourer carton and spout
  • Suitable for VPS samplers by using the converter bobbin
  • Available ex-stock

Valve Lock FG-K1-139-KW

Some authorities, for example the Port of Singapore, requires that the sample flow rate is fixed throughout the bunkering period. Bunkering can last many hours and it is possible to fit a special locking device to the sampler to prevent alteration of the sampler valve setting over this period. 

  • Quick to fit and lock
  • Fully manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel
  • Accepts numbered padlock or the wrap type security seals
  • Fits all size of Parker Kittiwake Bunker Samplers

Converter Bobbin FG-K3-021-KW

The Converter Bobbin is a low cost device designed to allow DNVPS Samplers to use Parker Kittiwake Cubitainers. 

  • Very low cost
  • Allows Parker Kittiwake cubitainers to be used with all DNVPS bunker samplers

Sampler Gauge FG-K11168

Rapid flow of fuel in bunker lines can result in unusual pressure conditions. This is especially evident when fuel flows directly into a large cross bunker tank. A gauge is available for monitoring this to prevent the sample being drawn back into the line. 

  • -1 to 11 bar stainless steel, oil filled gauge
  • Additional purge/sampling tap
  • Fits all Parker Kittiwake samplers (made after May 1999)

Elbow Kits For Alternative Positions 

It is possible to position the Sampler tube at an angle to the vertical. Elbow kits are designed to keep the cubitainer bag hanging vertically 

FG-K13588-KW Bunkers Sampler fitted with 45 degree Elbow.

FG-K13589-KW Bunkers Sampler fitted with 90 degree Elbow. 

Bunker Sampler Plug & Lanyard FG-K16692-KW

Plastic plug that screws into the end of a bunker sampler when not in use. It has a lanyard so it can be safely secured to the sampler. 

Groove ensures plug can be locked onto the sampler using the Parker Kittiwake valve lock. 

 Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
FG-K3-201-KWCubitainers (x24 off)
FG-K1-139-KWValve Lock (x1 off)
FG-K3-021-KWConvertor Bobbin (x1 off)
FG-K11168-KWSampler Gauge (x1 off)
FG-K13588-KWElbow Kit for 45 degree Elbow
FG-K13589-KWElbow Kit for 90 degree Elbow
FG-K16692-KWBunker Sampler Plug & Lanyard

Bunker Fuel

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