• Test Fuel & Lube Oil Viscosity

  • Significantly reduce downtime

  • Verify that the correct grade of fuel is delivered
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Heated Viscometer

Heated ViscometerProduct Code: FG-K1-200-KW

The Heated Viscometer is suitable for testing viscosity of both residual fuel & lube oil from a wide variety of applications including diesel engines, gas and aviation turbines, gear boxes, hydraulics and marine fuels. Testing viscosity of fuel oil is important for verifying the correct grade of fuel is delivered, for calculating combustion performance, plus adjusting of fuel handling and injection systems. Viscosity of lube oil is the most important property with the correct viscosity providing optimum film strength in system clearances, with minimum friction losses and leakage. 

The Parker Kittiwake Heated Viscometer:

  • Monitors changes in lubricating oil viscosity reporting in cSt @ 40°C, preventing costly engine and machinery failures
  • Verifies correct fuel grade or blend has been delivered and acceptability for storage, pumping and purifiers
  • Estimates the combustion performance (CCAI).
  • Correct density from 50°C. to kg/m³ @ 15°C in vacuo

The Heated Viscometer is extremely rugged and ideal for harsh industrial application. It can be purchased as a stand-alone kit, supplied in its own case, or as part of a more extensive suite of testing equipment in the Fuel and Lube Oil Lab, Power Plant Lab or Oil Test Centre. With readings being uniquely provided directly in centistokes, it can be used in 3 ways: 

  • Unheated with automatic viscosity correction to 40°C and calculated at 100°C for lube oils.
  • Heated to 50°C for viscosity measurement of residual fuel oils.
  • Heated to 40°C for viscosity measurement of distillate fuels and lubricating oils.

The Parker Kittiwake Viscometers have been proven to be as accurate as laboratory methods. Click this link to view an independent report from a leading analysis laboratory.


Accuracy:Typically within ±3% (20 - 450 cSt)
Application:Fuel Oils and Lube Oils
Calculations:Viscosity at 15°C or 40°C (heated), Viscosity at 40°C (unheated, corrected to 40°C), Viscosity at 100°C (calculated), Calculated Aromaticity index (CCAI), Density correlation from 50°C to 15°C in vacuo, Variable viscosity Index (for unheated mode)
Correlation:ASTM D445, IP71
Dimensions:25 cm x 13 cm x 9 cms
Power:110/240 VAC user selected
Range:20 - 810 cSt at 50°C (ISO Fuel Grades RMA 10 to RMA 55), 20 - 810 cSt at 40°C (Lubricating Oils SAE5 through SAE50)
Test Time:Heating from 25°C in 10 mins, Viscosity at 40°C unheated 3 mins, Repeat tests 30 seconds maximum
Weight:10 kgs
Spares & Consumables
DescriptionPart Number
Spare Seals, Fuses and BallsFG-K10503-KW
Viscometer Power supplyAS-K3-013-KW
Viscometer End PlugAS-K11097
Viscometer End CapAS-K11098
Viscometer 24v Power LeadEL-K10450

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