• Monitors aviation fuel contamination to DEFSTAN 91-91 Issue 6 Jet A-1 fuel specification

  • Multi-standard ISO cleanliness reporting

  • Laser optical scanning analysis
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Parker icount ACM20 Aviation Fuel Contamination Monitoring

Parker icount ACM20Parker Filtration's icountACM20 is the global benchmark particle counter for use in monitoring the levels of contamination in fuels. With a 2 minute test procedure, the icountACM20 offers multi-standard ISO cleanliness reporting, optimising the useful lifetime of fuel filters so that you get maximum filtration for your money.

Product Features:

  • icountACM20 monitors aviation fuel contamination to DEFSTAN 91-91 Issue 6 Jet A-1 fuel specification
  • Energy Institute Test Method IP 564
  • 2 minute test procedure
  • Fully manufactured by Parker with 20 years experience in the Particle Counter Measuring market
  • Laser optical scanning analysis
  • Multi-standard ISO cleanliness reporting
  • On-board, rear-mounted pump enables monitoring possibilities. For example: fuel storage / vehicle tanks and fuel storage drums
  • Latest averaging software as standard
  • Downloader software

Product Benefits:

  • Principle of Operation: optical scanning analysis and measurement of actual particles and inference to water presence
  • Primary Output: ≥4µ(c), ≥6µ(c), ≥14µ(c), ≥21µ(c), ≥25µ(c), ≥30µ(c) counts per ml
  • Secondary Diagnostic Output: % Volume Distribution, via graphical display on handset and printout
  • International Codes: ISO 7-22 in accordance with ISO 4406-1999
  • Data Entry: 32 character two line dot matrix LCD. Full alpha numeric entry facility on keypad
  • Data Retrieval: memory access gives test search facility for up to 300 saved tests
  • Calibration: in accordance with Parker Calibration Procedure CM20-N, which complies to ISO11171-1999, Clause 6 (Ommitting Annex F)
  • Re-calibration: Every 12 months by a dedicated Parker Service Centre (Consult Parker) as required under strict El methods
  • Laboratory Sampling: Utilises on-board rear mounted pump


Test Time:2 minutes
Mechanical Components:Brass, plated steel, stainless steel and aluminium
Flow Rate:25 - 28 ml/min (dictated by CMP) 100 ml/min with additional flush button
Fluid Compatibility:Hydrocarbon Fuel, Mineral Oil. For other fluids consult Parker
icountACM20 Technology:Flow cell, light obscuration
Repeatability / Accuracy:As per or better than ISO 11171
Coincidence:40,000 particles per ml
Viscosity Range:1 - 100 centistokes
Carrying Case Weight:5kg
Maximum Working Pressure:420 bar
Operating Temperature:+5ºC - +80ºC
Memory Store:300 test capacity
Power Requirement:12vDC input, 6 x 'D' Cell batteries or rechargeable battery pack
 Ordering Information
ACM202024UK icountACM20 with lab kit - UK (DEFSTAN 9191)
ACM202024US  icountACM20 with lab kit - US (DEFSTAN 9191)
ACM202024EUR  icountACM20 with lab kit - EURO (DEFSTAN 9191)

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