• Portable condition monitoring for hydraulic oil and fuel systems

  • Proven laser detection technology

  • High on-board test data storage capacity
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Parker icount Oil Sampler (IOS)

Parker icountOSAccurate condition monitoring made quick, simple and cost effective. Now availabile with Wifi connectivity.

The icountOS (IOS) is an innovative solution to the challenge of measuring the quality of hydraulic oils and hydrocarbon fuels in many different applications: from renewable energy, marine and offshore, to manufacturing, mobile, agriculture, military and aerospace.

Compact, lightweight and robust, the truly portable IOS makes field analysis simple, quick and easy.

Able to sample directly from a hydraulic reservoir, barrel, vehicle fuel tank or from a high pressure online hydraulic system with the addition of a pressure reducing adaptor; the IOS is undoubtedly the most adaptable contamination service tool available today.

The system is completely self contained, with a laser detection particle counter, battery and pump plus memory with web page generator for data download onto any PC or laptop - combined into a single unit.

The IOS uses Parker's proven laser detection technology, which delivers precise, repeatable, reproduceable results in real-time detection of both particulates, down to 4 microns (c) and dissolved water.

Just as importantly , the IOS has been developed to offer a wealth of features, combined with simplicity and ease of use, at a cost that is far lower than competing systems, and which fits within most maintenance budgets.

Product Features:

  • Proven laser detection technology - The IOS uses light obscuration, light blockage technology
  • High on-board test data storage capacity - Class leading on-board memory provides storage capacity for up to 250,000 sets of test results
  • Tough storm casing - The robust waterproof IP54 (when open) case and fully sealed impact resistant brushed stainless steel front panel provide excellent protection in the most demanding of applications
  • Fast contamination detection - The IOS provides fast detection of the presence of contaminants, with the results being shown on the front panel mounted, high visibility OLED digital display
  • Quick connection - Connecting the IOS is quick and reliable. The fluid connectors are on the front panel, with two secure push fittings: 6mm diameter inlet and 4mm diameter outlet / drain
  • Long life remote operation - The IOS uses a long life regulated 12 V DC power supply, with a M12, 4 pin connector, plus a rechargeable NiMH detector battery unit for use on-site or in remote locations
  • Complies with the latest standards - The IOS is designed in accordance with the latest global standards including CE marking, EC Declaration of Conformity, Machinery Directive, EMC EN61000-6-2:2001, EN 61010-1:2001
  • Fluid and pressure control - The IOS automatically adjusts flow rates, to an optimum level of 60ml / min. Total flow range is between 40 and 140 ml / min, with maximum on-line operating pressure being 2.5 Bar (36 psi)


Product start-up time10 seconds minimum
Measurement periodDefault 30 seconds run time; 15 seconds data logging time
Reporting intervalOn-board data storage every second. Output via RJ45 connection
Principle of operationLaser diode optical detection of actual particulates
International codes rangeUp to ISO 22 (+/- 1 ISO code) NAS 0 - 12
CalibrationCalibration by recognised on-line methods confirmed by the relevant ISO procedures. MTD - via a certified primary ISO 11171 automatic particle detector using ISO 11943 principles. Particle distribution reporting to ISO 4406:1999
Recalibration and ServicingRecommended every 12 months
Working pressure2.5 - 350 bar ( 35 - 5000 psi). Pressures above 2.5 bar require the use of a Parker Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) - ACC6NN027
Working viscosity1 - 300 cSt
Flow range through IOS40 - 140 ml/minute; controlled at 60 ml/min by IOS's internal pump
Fluid connection interfaceINLET: 6 mm push-fit. DRAIN: 4mm push-fit
Ambient storage temperature for unit-40°C to +80°C; -40°F to +176°F
Operating temperature for unit-30°C to +80°C; -22°F to +176°F
Operating humidity range5% RH to 100% RH
Fluid operating temperature (oil)+5°C to +80°C; +41°F to +176°F
Fluid operating temperature (fuel)-20°C to +70°C; -4°F to +158°F
Moisture sensorLinear scale within the range 5% RH to 100% RH
Computer compatibilityIP68-rated RJ45 connection that may be connected to a laptop computer's RJ45 LAN port using the 2 m cable supplied
Power requirementRegulated power supply supplied with the unit
CertificationIP54 rating (unit open)
IP67 rating (unit closed)
EC Declaration of Conformity
Machinery Directive
EMC EN61000-6-3:2001
EMC EN61000-6-2:2001
EMC EN61010-1:2001
CE Certified

Ordering Information

IOS1220UKIOS, Mineral MTD Online UK
IOS1210UKIOS, Mineral MTD Offline UK
IOS1221UKIOS Mineral Wireless Online UK


ACC6NN040Power Supply (UK)
ACC6NN027Pressure Reduction Valve ("PRV"), working pressure 2.5 - 350 bar
ACC6NN028RJ45 Network Cable
ACC6NN029Hose Accessory Bag
ACC6NN030Carry Strap (Must be ordered together with IOS unit as attached during production)
ACC6NN031Low Pressure Hose 1.5m
ACC6NN032IOS Packing Box
ACC6NN033IOS Blanking Plugs
ACC6NN034High Pressure Hose - 1m
SER.MISC.067Verification Fluid (2 x 500ml) - SIX MONTH SHELF LIFE

For more information please contact Parker Hannifin HFDE by emailing filtrationinfo@parker.com

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