• Easily used by ships maintenance staff right out of the box.

  • Instant indication of condition for motor bearings, gears, compressors, slewing rings, hoists, winches...

  • Plan maintenance and have the spares available on time. Minimise off-hire and demurrage.


BearingKittiwake DIGI CellUsed Oil Analysis - In one year of continuous operation, the average piston ring of an engine, journal or roller of a bearing travels a distance equivalent to 5-10 times round the world. In this feat, metal surfaces are separated from destruction by an oil film only a few microns thick. It pays to look after your oil.  In-service or Used Oil testing equipment and sampling systems. On-Board, In-Line, On-Site and Off-Site solutions for a wide variety of lube and grease parameters. Sampling systems through to full sample programme logistics.  

Bunker SamplerBunker SamplersBunker Fuel - Marine or bunker fuel is a large cost consideration in operation of a ship or power plant. Proper care to check the quantity delivered is as ordered and during use to check that the quality is acceptable, will pay huge dividends. An off-spec fuel in terms of density or water content is a direct financial loss. In terms of comptability or cat fines, it could and often will wreck your engines. Look here for answers to how this can be achieved in reality. Rugged sampling, sample storage and test equipment plus comprehensive guidance on bunkering procedures.

Wear MetalsANALEX pqLWear Metals - Any mechanical system will produce a constant stream of wear metal particles and this is a perfectly normal facet of operation.  The rate of production, particle type and distribution, shape and origin can predict a comprehensive story about the future reliability of your assetts.  We make On-Line and On-Site instruments with industry leading sensitivity to provide the very earliest warning of wear and to track that wear maximising the life you can achieve from system. Very many industrial Used Oil Analysis laboratories rely on our products from reporting PQ and PPM in their sample throughput.

Procal Analyser P2000Procal P2000 AnalyserGas Emissions - Europe's largest coal fired powerplant relies on Parker - Procal CEMS sensors for their emissions compliance and carbon trading with guaranteed system availability.  We have, by far, the largest installed user base for the developing marine engine exhaust scrubbing industry and have suppled every thermal solar energy plant installed in the last 3 years. Three soundbites illustrating why you should consider Procal In-Situ CEMS solutions for your emissions compliance requirement. Simple, rugged, proven and reliable solutions for emissions monitoring using IR and UV technologies.

Holroyd Acoustic Emissions SensorsHolroyd Acoustic Emissions SensorAE & Vibration - Vibration Analysis (VA) is a recognised and widely used monitoring technique. Its application requires a high skill level and can be challenging for all but the most expensive plant and equipment. Holroyd MHC technology takes the advantages of VA and delivers them in an economic way that requires much less operator training yet still achieves effective and timely results. It will also effectively monitor beyond the capabilities of trditional VA, having options for very slow speeds and stop start operation. Skeptical? Look here to find a comprehensive range of equipment and detailed case histories spanning the last 20 years of field use. 

Marine Water TestingHolroyd Acoustic Emissions KitOther - This section is a catch-all for products we have that do not fit with the categories above. For example, marine water potable water and sewage effluent testing to ensure continued legislative compliance and sucessful Port State Inspection of your vessels. Dosing equipment for hightly agressive ionic chemicals. If you have a need for monitoring solutions then this is a good place to look if your needs are not answered elsewhere.



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