• On-board total iron test for cylinder analysis

  • Quickly determine PPM values for Total Iron content in used scrapedown oil

  • Low test cost per cylinder
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Economy Total Iron Kit

NEW - Economy Total Iron Kit

The Economy Total Iron Kit from Parker Kittiwake allows ship owners and operators to obtain an accurate picture of the level of total Iron present in their used cylinder oil. The kit provides accurate results on-board in less than seventy five minutes, negating the need to send samples to a laboratory to be analysed.

The kit provides a total iron figure, providing users with an accurate measure of the parts per million (PPM) value of the total iron content in the used scrape down oil. Using a colour-matching test, the Parker Kittiwake Total Iron Kit alters the colour of an oil sample, indicating the concentration of iron compounds. The resulting colour is matched to a reference colour chart that provides a measurement of the total iron present in the sample.

Each test is simple, cost effective and quick (total elapsed time <75 minutes) to complete


Specification Units
Measurement Range50 - 800 (Accuracy +/- 100)Parts Per Million (PPM)
Ambient Temperature20 - 55oC
Product CodeDescription
FG-K30500-KWEcon Total Iron Kit (ETIK) including 1 Reagent Pack (50 tests)

Used Oil Analysis

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