Guide to Emission Analysers for Industrial & Marine

Procal are world leaders in continuous emission analysers and continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), used to monitor emissions in industrial and marine environments in compliance with the standards set by environmental agencies across the world.

Since 1985 we have supplied over 3000 units, from standalone to fully-integrated systems. Here, we pull together the knowledge and expertise we have to provide you with a guide to our continuous emission analysers suitable for industrial and marine environments.

Procal 2000 – Infra-Red Analyser
Procal 2000 Infra-red AnalyserThis duct-, or stack-mounted, gas analyser uses the reflective beam principle to measure process gas as it enters the sample cell, providing analysis of up to six gas-phase emission components.

Operating on the proven, single beam, dual–wavelength IR light principle, two specific wavelengths per monitored component are transmitted through the sample cell. The ‘measure’ pulse is partially absorbed by the gases being measured, while the ‘reference’ pulse remains unaffected. Up to eight wavelengths are available, sometimes sharing reference wavelengths, allowing up to six gas-phase component concentrations to be monitored simultaneously.

Using our sintered metal technology, the Procal 2000 removes the need for gas filtering or sample conditioning and requires little maintenance.

Procal 5000 – Ultra-Violet Analyser
Procal 5000 - Ultra-Violet AnalyserThe Procal 5000 also uses the reflective beam principle to directly measure process gases entering an in-situ sample cell, providing complete gas analysis. The full UV spectrum is stored and analysed, and the gas emission concentrations calculated using absorption spectroscopy.

Using an extended-life UV source, the Procal 5000 is capable of over 7000 hours of continuous operation. The integral zero and calibration point gas capability means maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Procal 6000 – Radioactive Gas Monitoring
Procal 6000 – Radioactive Gas MonitoringThe simple design of the Procal 6000 is well suited for stack testing and analysis of corrosive, toxic, and potentially radioactive gas-phase samples. The in-duct system is reliable and relatively low maintenance.

The Procal 6000 uses the same single beam principle as the Procal 2000, incorporating Gas Filter Correlation to minimise the risk of cross sensitivity.

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