Acoustic Emission Sensor Enables Early Fault Detection

Dr Steve Dye, Business Development Manager at Kittiwake Developments, discusses the latest acoustic emission technology in a recent feature article in Eureka Magazine.

Kittiwake Holroyd, a Kittiwake Group company, has developed a new handheld Machinery Health Checker (MHC) sensor, used to capture the acoustic emissions from bearings and assess their condition.

MHC Memo Pro

A special acoustic emission sensor allows the user to listen to sound signals being generated on headphones where special audio circuitry filters out normal vibrations and audible signals to let engineers clearly hear rubs, scuffing and impacts as they happen.

Vibration measurements often need a lot of sampling, analysis and diagnostics but Kittiwake wanted an almost instantaneous reading that tells engineers what they need to know.

“The beauty of this is that it is bearing independent,” says Dr Dye. “This allows engineers to very quickly determine if you have a problem or not.”

The sensors are available in a handheld, standalone version and also as Smart sensors which can be integrated on to machines to take continuous readings that feed back data to a PLC or SCADA. To facilitate sensor coupling a variety of mounting methods are available including magnetic front face, adhesive bonding, bolt-on and screw-in. The MHC sensor has two modes, Standard and Super-slo mode which together allow measurements to be taken between 0.25 to 2500rpm.

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