Keeping Machinery Running: Essential Products for Monitoring Fluid Cleanliness

Contaminated fluid is the source of the majority of problems that occur in hydraulic systems.  Effective monitoring and management of fluid condition and cleanliness can make all the difference to performance and lifespan.

Parker Kittiwake products for monitoring fluid cleanliness have been developed in accordance with the international standard relating to contamination levels in industrial fluid power components.  Under this ISO standard, a code number is assigned to various levels of particulate contamination.  The operator can set a target value to use as a performance indicator for tracking and reporting.

For the aviation industry we offer the icount ACM20.  With an on-board, rear-mounted pump, it monitors a range of applications including fuel storage tanks and drums.

For shipping operators, condition monitoring remains as vital as ever – not least because some of the low sulphur fuels now used in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) have a tendency to dislodge old fuel deposits in the tank, leading to a breach of the ECA compliance rules and also inferior performance.

Products for the shipping industry

Automatic Particle Counters, which for many years have played a part in condition monitoring, can now be adapted for use outside the laboratory.  With the Parker Kittiwake icount Laser CM20 monitor, online monitoring can take place while the application is still running, sidestepping the need for costly shutdowns.

The icountBSplus bottle sampler uses up-to-date design and laser technology for quick, on-board fluid bottle sampling. It gives a reliable, precise and real-time analysis of fluid moisture and temperature capability using a sensor directly in the water flow.

The popularity of the icountBSplus, together with the specific requirements of the offshore oil and gas sector, led us to develop a CE-compliant water-glycol option, which we launched in May.  This identifies contamination in blowout preventers and other assets, which, if blocked, will cause the safety components to stick (with potentially disastrous results).

For measuring the quality of hydraulic oils and hydrocarbon fuels we offer the
icount Oil Sampler (IOS).

This self-contained system has a laser detection particle counter and a web page generator for the straightforward downloading of data onto a PC or laptop.  Even though it incorporates a number of valuable additional features, it remains easy to use.  It detects both particulates and dissolved water with precision and in real time.

The very latest in Parker laser-based technology underpins our icountPD particle detector.  It provides continuous monitoring of system contamination trends and comes with LED warning lights and self-diagnostic software.

Lastly, Parker Kittiwake’s Oilcheck is a portable tool, which enables the user to compare new and used oils and gives early warning of engine failure.

Reliability and durability

In a competitive global market avoiding downtime is important to prevent costs spiralling.  Keeping lubricants and components free of contaminants will improve the overall reliability of the equipment.

Parker Kittiwake has over two decades’ experience developing products which give operators the quick information they need to keep machinery running smoothly for longer.  If you would like more information on any of our products, contact us on 01903 731470.