lubMONITOR software: for use with ANALEX fdM, fdM+ and Kittiwake OTC

Kittiwake’s lubMONITOR® is a common software platform that can upload data from Kittiwake’s ANALEX fdM, ANALEX fdM+ and the Kittiwake Oil Test Centre (OTC).

The software is available in three variants:

  • Kittiwake lubMONITOR®: Lube monitoring for OTC
  • ANALEX feMONITOR®: Ferrous monitoring for fdM or fdM+
  • Kittiwake lubMONITOR® & ANALEX feMONITOR®: Combined software for both Lube Oil and Ferrous Monitoring
  • Hierarchical format: easy to view and set up
  • OTC, fdM & fdM+ data management: options for monitoring trends, setting pre-defined alarms and graphically representing measured parameters
  • Email reports generated directly from the software
  • Data transfer options
  • Compare various parameters to similar machines for diagnosis
To purchase the lubMONITOR® software or for further information please contact Kittiwake Proactive Technologies:
Tel: +91 11 4158 6692