Parker Kittiwake Announce New Cold Corrosion Test Kit

Cold corrosion test kit

Parker Kittiwake is pleased to announce the launch of our new portable Cold Corrosion Test Kit.

A breakthrough in on-board cold corrosion testing, the new portable test monitors the specific levels of corroded iron in used cylinder oil in less than five minutes.

How does Cold Corrosion Occur?
A growing number of ship owners and operators are choosing to run new generation engines in an attempt to reduce fuel costs and meet environmental requirements, causing the problem of cold corrosion to escalate.

Cold corrosion is a costly problem, the acidic corrosion which takes places in the cylinder liner as a consequence often results in the liner needing replacing – a replacement which can cost around $150,000.

Corrosion can be monitored and corrected before any critical damage occurs.

Cold Corrosion Solutions
Wear and costs can be minimised by adjusting the feed rates, which requires knowledge of the exact operating conditions and wear mechanisms within the cylinders.

Parker Kittiwake’s new Cold Corrosion Test Kit delivers accurate results in under five minutes, as opposed to other on-board tests which can take hours. With this new test kit ship owners can gather an accurate picture of the level of corrosive elements present in cylinder oil whilst on-board, without the need to send samples over to a laboratory to be analysed.

Key Features of the Cold Corrosion Test Kit

  • Excellent correlation between field measurements and lab Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) results (see graph)
  • Monitors products of corrosion that cannot be detected magnetically
  • Provides early warning that cold corrosion is underway
  • Gives a running commentary on internal corrosion as the operator adjusts the cylinder liner jacket temperature or oil feed rate
  • When used in conjunction with the Parker Kittiwake LinerSCAN, it is possible to monitor abrasive and corrosive wear independently
  • Each test is simple, cost effective and quick (less than 5 minutes) to complete

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