Parker Kittiwake Announces Launch of Two New Water Glycol Condition Monitoring Tools

This week sees the launch of Parker Kittiwake’s latest online condition monitoring tools, the icountPD water-glycol particle detector, along with its offline, lab quality partner, the icountBS Water Glycol instrument.

Monitoring water glycol cleanliness limits helps identify fluid contamination in assets critical to the safety of a platform, vessel or machine, such as blowout preventers (BOPs), Crown Mounted Compensators (CMCs) and Riser Tensioner Systems, which cannot be compromised. BOPs, for example, can be damaged by the ingress of contaminated fluid into the umbilical, leading to potentially catastrophic results if the contaminants cause blockages in the system leading to safety components sticking.

The online Parker icountPD particle detector provides continuous real-time analysis of contaminants, whilst the icountBS bottle sample test monitors the fluid onboard and in real time using a sensor directly in the water flow. The tests provide operators with a comprehensive overview of the condition of the fluid, improving safety, reducing wear and increasing uptime.

The Parker water-glycol tests allows operators to make confident, informed decisions onboard regarding maintenance and asset management, without the need to wait for laboratory testing. Armed with this information, operators are better equipped to prevent damage and optimise the operational output of the vessel or platform to realise maximum profits.

The iPD Water Glycol joins other recent additions to Parker Kittiwake’s online condition monitoring products, such as the ThrusterSCAN test.  Designed for early stage fault detection on vessels with large azimuth thruster units (an arrangement of rotating propellers), the system gives warning of impending problems, such as seal failure.

Parker Kittiwake has over 20 years’ experience developing online and on-site oil analysis solutions, which give operators the quick information they need to keep machinery running smoothly for longer.  If you would like more information on the iPD Water Glycol or the iBS Water Glycol, contact us on 01903 731470.  A detailed product description can be found here: