Parker Kittiwake – Asia Pacific Reception

On the 4th and 5th September, representatives from Parker Kittiwake’s network of dealers came together for the inaugural Parker Kittiwake Meet & Greet. The event was hosted at the Impiana Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event was hosted by Martin Lucas, Parker Kittiwake’s Business Unit Manager and Richard Lawrence, Market Development Manager Asia Pacific for Parkers Hydraulic Filter Division Europe.

Also co-hosting were Ben Dobbs, Operation Manager, Parker Hannifin Industrial Malaysia and Zainudin Yahya, Managing Director of CbM Solutions (formerly known as Kittiwake Asia Pacific).

The two day conference was attended by close to 40 delegates, with the key objective of integrating Kittiwake Asia Pacific dealer network into the bigger Parker Kittiwake family. Parker global set-up and organization were briefed to the eager audience and potential opportunities were discussed with interested dealers respectively.

Though the meeting was brief, the delegates formed a stronger understanding to prepare for future growth within Asia Pacific. With PETRONAS Twin Towers as the backdrop, standing together on a bridge, Richard Lawrence poignantly pointed out that “there is no bridge we cannot cross if we all work together.”