• On-board monitoring of used cylinder scrapedown oil

  • Fully understand cylinder conditions to make informed maintenance decisions

  • Patent Pending Test and equipment

On-board Cylinder Monitoring

Kittiwake DIGI Tests

DIGI Tests
A range of On-Site tests based around our unique electronic DIGI cell for Water/BN (formerly Total Base Number - TBN).  Digital display, 5 year battery life and multi range capability.  The DIGI range covers Water, BN (TBN), Insolubles, Viscosity testing and Hydraulic Particles. Often supplied in multi-parameter test kits with ECON tests covering AN (Acid Number, formerly Total Acid Number TAN) testing, Salt, Insolubles and Viscosity to form a comprehensive solution. Rugged and simple to use, tests typically take <2 minutes each. Comprehensive replacement reagent packs include all necessary consumables.  Tests use EasySHIP Non-Hazardous reagents EasySHIP

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Cold Corrosion Test Kit Cold Corrosion Test Kit
A unique test that provides users with the non-metallic iron content of used scrapdown oil. Used in conjunction with a metallic meter such as the Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM), this provides the ultimate understanding of the wear mechanisms happening within the engine, allowing the right corrective action to be taken to mitigate any ongoing damage. The test is easy to perform and results can be obtained for each cylinder in under 5 minutes.

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Ferrous Wear Meter Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM)
This unit brings PPM wear metal analysis capability On-Board vessels in a simpler format than offered by the fDMplus. Simple, with no tedious sample preperation, it detects iron contamination and reports directly in industry standard PPM values. Provided with reference check samples, it is suitable for both industrial applications and also for use on marine two stroke scavenge oil samples for feed rate optimisation programmes and monitoring of cylinder conditions under fuel switching applications. Typical test time < 2 seconds per sample.

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Econ Total Iron Kit Economy Total Iron Kit
For customers looking for a lower cost solution, Parker Kittiwake have developed a simple chemical test for on-board, Total Iron determination. This test provides a figure of the total combined corroded and metallic iron content in used scrapedown oils. Knowing the total iron content is useful to understand levels of wear within the cylinders, but knowing the split of the metallic vs. non-metalli iron priovided by the cold corrosion test kit and ferrous wear meter allows fully informed decisions to be made to ensure optimum operating conditions.

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Used Oil Analysis

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