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Condition Monitoring Techniques: Whitepapers, PDFs & Case Study Downloads

With over 20 years of profitable growth and successful global market leadership, Kittiwake are one of the leading authorities on condition monitoring techniques such as bunker fuel testing, oil analysis and wear debris analysis, among many more. Our team of CM experts research, develop and supply the latest condition monitoring techniques and technology to blue chip customers in the energy, plant, shipping and maritime industries world-wide, ensuring consistent machinery uptime and therefore, improved productivity.

Most Popular Condition Monitoring Whitepapers, Case Studies, & Brochures

Get the latest industry information with our condition monitoring whitepapers, PDFs and case study downloads here now:

Kittiwake Technique Overviews

  • Bunker Sampling Solutions
    Get a full overview of the bunker sampling solutions and techniques you can get from Kittiwake to ensure you get the most out of your analysis programme.
  • Ferrous Wear Meter
    Learn more about how our Ferrous Wear Meter will help you identify ferrous wear debris in your oil samples from many different types of machinery.
  • Oil Analysis Solutions
    Get a full overview of the oil analysis solutions and techniques available with Kittiwake to ensure that you get the most out of your analysis programme.

Product Data Sheets

  • ANALEX fdMplus
    Find out more about the ANALEXfdMplus, an instrument designed to accurately measure the contamination of an oil sample with ferrous wear
  • ANALEX pqL Brochure
    Find out more about our ANALEXpqL ferrous debris monitor, designed to replace the pqM and pqA.
  • Oil Analysis Solutions
    Find out more about our ATEX MWDS, the world’s first hazardous area approved on-line sensor for metallic ear debris monitoring & analysis.

Case Studies

  • Oil Condition Case Study
    Read our Oil Condition Case Study to find out the effects of lubricant contamination running Diesel Generator Sets on Biofuels
  • Power Plant Case Study
    Read our Power Plant Case Study to find out how the ANALEXrs Oil Condition Sensor helped Greece’s Public Power Corporation


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