• Turn-key handling of large Used Oil Analysis, Marine Fuel or Drug Testing Programmes

  • Worldwide cost effective logistics and automated notifications.

  • Comprehensive complimentary consumables such as samplers, tubing, handling systems.

Sampling Programmes & Logistics

Parker Kittiwake operate the logistics for many large fluid sampling programmes.  Logistics is defined as the sampling kits, return labelling systems and world-wide placement of those kits to either distribution depot's or directly to the end users. A typical programme would be 20,000 - 100,000 return samples per annum consolidated in kits of 12 to 30 sample bottles per kit depending on the application and supplied on a three year rolling contract. Common features include:

  • Shipping from depots in UK, USA and Malaysia to minimise regional shipping costs.
  • Full track and trace for OEM and end user.
  • Customer branding of equipment and intranet based ordering site.
  • Access to deep UPS courier discounts.
  • Shipment of free issue ancillary components such as documentation or sampling consumables.

Three example services are:

Sample PumpMajor marine Used Oil Analysis programmes - clean 50 and 100ml bottles, shipping cartons, bar coded return sample labels, postal service compliant sample return systems.  Same day out-bound shipping by air/road or courier with automatic end customer and OEM notification.  Compliant sampling systems and consumables (sampling pumps and clean tubing). 

Bunker Fuel Sample BottlesMarine Bunker fuel analysis - clean and tamper evident 750 ml fuel oil sample bottles, square profile to minimise outward courier charges. Uniquely numbered sealing systems plus duel tamper evident locking.  IATA compliant return sample cartons. Compliant sampling systems and consumables (bunker samplers and cubitainers).

Drug & alcohol testing - certified clean doping control A&B sample systems, tamper evident locking with unique numbering compliant with full chain-of-custody control. Customer branded and shipped same day on request. The service includes supply of other free issue related documentation and ancillary sampling consumables (forms and documents) plus return of samples to centralised analysis laboratory.



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