• Online reporting anywhere in the world connected to the web.

  • Remote radio data transmission even in Haz environments.

  • Plan maintenance and have the spares available when needed.
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SensorSCAN Internet Visibility and Wireless Data Links.

Instant oil and lubricant analysis results from anywhere in the world  

SensorSCAN allows remote internet monitoring and control of your assets. Linking seamlessly to Parker Kittiwake sensors and other machinery condition devices the system will become an irreplaceable part of your asset monitoring regime. The innovation lies in its web implimentation meaning that from anywhere in the world you can access a live status screen for your assets and view full asset monitoring information. Control parameters can be set up and changed through the web page too, and conducted via a single interface. SensorSCAN asset monitoring system works by uploading data collected via either GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), Ethernet or telephone line, sending information at regular intervals to a central server. From here users can gain access to and view asset activity in real-time. 

Data collected is valuable to the user for the effective remote monitoring, management and maintenance of each asset, outlet, building or entire site. By knowing the status and efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can open up a variety of opportunities to highlight problems with your critical plant and machinery before failure occurs. The nature of the system allows it to be used across a variety of industries, providing instant asset monitoring information to anyone in your organisation from anywhere in the world.

Wireless data transmission from sensor to centralised HMI

Remote Data

Remote DataA major cost of sensor installation in both an OEM or especially retrofit application is data cabelling. In many instances cabelling itself is the primary reason for system malfunction.  No where is this more true than in Oil & Gas exploration where frequent rig transportation and very harsh operating conditions mean that proper care of connections and cables are secondary to the overriding priority of production operations. 

Working with a number of specialist suppliers we are able to offer both standard and ATEX approved wireless line-of-sight data links connecting a remote sensor or sensor suite with a centralised data collection point, node or control room.   Wireless links can be packaged suitable for direct field installation or as a part of an OEM retrofit.  Options are available for full sensor functionality or a reduced data set capabilitiy where band width becomes a consideration.   

For more information and a demonstration login and password or further discussion around wireless data capabilities contact Parker Kittiwake Marketing by email or phone +44 1903 731470.


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