• Customer specific developments from an imaginative development department.

  • Customer branded and exclusivity of supply options available.

  • Shared development costs where justified by yearly call off.

Specialist Products

Chemical Cleaning Tank

Chemical Cleaning Tank
Customer specific design with a brief to include chemical and cleaning fluid handling equipment into a single portable offering. Stainless steel 205l drum forms the basis of the offering. Integral heating option fitted into the lower tank. High spec air driven diaphragm pump capable of handling liquid contaminated with scale and debris. Circulation hoses were also supplied and held within the tank when not in use. 

MHC Air SensorGas & Valve Leakage
Compressed air is an expensive commodity. As a power source it is 60 times more expensive than gas or electricity. Leakage is of major concern for manufacturing plant but often one that also goes mostly un-noticed. Similarly steam or other process gas leakage can be difficult to trace and often occur internally within pipes where for example a valve seat has become wire drawn.

Parker Kittiwake have adapted our MHC range of acoustic emissions monitoring equipment to specifically identify and locate this type of leakage that universally generates high frequency acoustic emissions beyond the audible range. Highly directional receivers extend the range of the MHC Memo instruments, adding a further cost saving feature. For more information refer to www.kittiwakeholroyd.com.

Cloud Point DetectorCloud Point Detector
Parker Kittiwake were approached by their UK Ministry of Defence to develop a rugged and automatic test for cloud point in clean distillate fuels such as military diesel F-76. Of concern was the difficulty in detecting cloud point in fuels with multiple wax points and of relying in human interpretation of their existing test options. One such mistake had resulted in a major warship drifting in blackout for 12 hours period in the turbulent South Atlantic.

The project took less than 4 month to complete and involved adapting an existing instrument case and display incorporating a peltier cell cooling device and IR based transmission cell. Successful implimentation has resulted in multiple repeat orders over an 8 years period and sales to additional customers. 

PotmeterPot Meter
Another customer driven request in this instance to develop an device to locate failure of valves or piston ring packs in multi cylinder high speed diesel engines.  The process was well tried and used in smaller designs on and off-highway maintenance. We again used an existing instrument design, in this case a portable ceasium tester developed for monitoring livestock in contaminated hill farms following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

The instrument was fitted with an air supply and electronic shut-off, digital display and memory and electronic monitoring of pressure fall-off. Dummy fuel injectors were also provided to feed air in to the test cylinders. Now used by UK MoD and Railways on sometimes troublesome high speed diesel engines. 

Procal AnalyserSolar Power Thermal Fluid
Solar power concentrated solar energy of the sun to raise the temperature and pressure of a thermal or heat transfer fluid subsequently used to generate power.  Though not widespread, this green energy source has seen a growing number of applications in the renewables sector. These plant are required to monitor and leakage of thermal fluid in to the environment and in particular leakage of vapours at very low concentrations. Di-Phenyl Oxide can escape into the head-space of storage tanks or be vented from expansion and overflow vessels of the Heat Transfer Fluid system. 

Turning to the skill set within Kittiwake Procal we undertook to extent the capability of the Procal P5000 range of instruments, specifically to detect these low concentration vapours using highly sensitive UV sensing technology.  Additionally, by testing in-situ, we were able to avoid the need to extract vapours from the system for Off-Line processing. The analysers can measure contamination of Di-Phenyl Oxide in concentrations of  0-20 ppm in the presence of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide (up to 4000 ppm) and in high temperature environments, typically up to 300°C. 

SIMPAL Structural MonitoringStructural Monitoring
Monitoring of complex structures can be difficult, especially where they are large and approaching a design fatigue life (if indeed fatigue had ever been considered during their initial construction). In this particular instance we were requested to provide a monitoring system to ensure safe operation of a very large new, single leg rotating ferris wheel, better known as the Millenium Wheel, or London Eye. Lifting of the wheel from its horizontal construction position was a detailed operation. The main bearing and support system would not be replaced during its lifetime.  

All mechanical changes such as stress cracking, heavy corrosion, abrasion, metal/metal contact etc. will produce acoustic signals in the form of elastic waves that travel through the structure. A network of acoustic sensors was set up along with long term event logging and novel intelligent data compression to reduce the volume of information gathered yet retain specific event anomalies. The wheel is still turning 11 years later.


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